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What is an ETG test?

The ETG test is used to determine if there is ethyl glucuronide in the bloodstream, which is a by-product of the liver processing alcohol. The test can show if a person has been drinking, and is used in cases where alcohol abstinence is required.

Even though using a breathalyzer may be more convenient, it’s only useful while a person is intoxicated, so it won’t be able to show whether someone has been drinking in the past few days.

With an ETG alcohol test, it’s possible to determine if a person has been drinking even after he has sobered up, which gives it a unique advantage over other available tests.

Since an average person can metabolize roughly one alcohol drink every hour, the traditional tests that look for traces of alcohol in the blood, saliva, or breath won’t be effective in mere hours after a person has finished drinking.

With an ethyl glucuronide drug test, however, it becomes possible to detect EtG, a metabolite of alcohol that’s produced by the liver, for a significantly longer period of time. In fact, an ETG test can detect traceable amounts of alcohol in the system for up to 80 hours after the person stops drinking.

What Does an ETG Test Test For?

Not too long ago, ETG urine testing was quite expensive and required special lab equipment to be performed, but in recent years, it has become much more affordable and is now becoming a viable option when accurate and reliable test results are required.

The current ETG drug test is not only cheaper but is also much simpler than before – the tester can be dipped into a urine sample and show results in just a few minutes.

There are a lot of situations where an ETG test could be useful, such as for liver transplant patients, schools, the military, fields that require professional monitoring such as pilots or doctors, court cases, probation programs, and finally, alcohol treatment programs that need to verify that a person is following his treatment plan.

So, while the ETG test isn’t well suited for situations where current intoxication levels need to be determined, it can work very well in cases where abstinence is essential, such as those listed above.

How Does an ETG Test Work?

As you probably know, most of the alcohol that enters a body is processed by the liver and can be detected in traditional urine samples for around 12 hours after alcohol consumption has ended.

After that, most blood, urine, saliva or breathalyzer tests won’t be able to show if alcohol was consumed recently, and thus the ETG urine test serves as a reliable alternative for situations where you need to know if drinking occurred in the last 3 or 4 days.

The test takes advantage of certain metabolite byproducts of the liver processing alcohol, which can remain detectable for up to 80 hours after drinking. Specifically, the ETG urine tests can detect ethyl glucuronide (EtG) in a urine sample if the amount of the metabolite exceeds 300ng/ml.

While there are certain factors that influence the accuracy of the at-home ETG test, such as the amount that was consumed or how long ago it happened, the test can still offer relatively accurate results about whether a person had alcohol in the past few days.

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