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What is an Alcohol Test?

Most people are familiar with the concept of an alcohol test, and it is commonly associated with traffic stops, but the truth is, they serve a purpose in a wide range of situations where alcohol consumption could be dangerous or detrimental to a person’s health.

Luckily, today there are many ways to test for consumption of alcohol – while alcohol becomes undetectable in the breath, saliva, and blood in around 12 hours, it can be present for up to 80 hours in urine.

For instance, the EtG, or ethyl glucuronide test, can detect a metabolite that remains present in urine for more than three days.

That allows to find out if a person has been drinking in the past few days, which is essential in many situations, such as when dealing with alcoholics that are following a rehabilitation plan and need to stay on course with their treatment.

This type of test can be very useful in environments with zero-tolerance for alcohol such as educational facilities, the military, medicine, or in jobs that require operating advanced machinery.

What Are the Types of Alcohol Tests?

There are four main types of alcohol tests that are used in various situations. Each of them has its own advantages and drawbacks and should be considered depending on the situation.

Let’s explore the types below.  

Breath Test

Breath alcohol tests, or breathalyzers, are the most well-known and popular ways to test blood alcohol levels – they are commonly used by law enforcement because they are relatively accurate, easy to use, and very portable.

The breathalyzer analyzes alcohol levels in the air that a person breathes out, as our bodies expel alcohol through respiration at a fairly consistent rate.

However, although breath tests are reasonably accurate and can be used for driving under influence prosecution, they don’t always show an accurate reading, as it can be affected by the person’s diet as well as environmental factors.

Saliva Test

Another popular option is a saliva test, which comes in two forms – one is an alcohol swab test that requires the swab to be analyzed in a laboratory, and the other is a saliva test kit that’s able to show results almost instantly.

Saliva alcohol tests can detect if there is alcohol in a person’s blood, but it only works if the sample is taken while the person is intoxicated, and won’t be able to show alcohol consumption after 12 hours have passed since the last drink was consumed.

Blood Test

Another option that is quite popular for determining alcohol levels is a blood alcohol test. Although it is much more invasive and requires consent, it can provide a more accurate result and isn’t easily influenced by external factors.

However, having the test performed in a laboratory brings its own challenges, as mistakes like vial mix-ups or even lack of sterilization can contaminate the sample and skew the results.

Urine Test

Finally, the third option is an alcohol urine test, which is actually less accurate than both breath and blood tests, but it has some unique benefits that make it the best choice in some situations.

The biggest drawback of a urine alcohol test is the unreliable results of the alcohol levels in the body, as they can fluctuate anywhere from being way too high or way too low.

However, ETG urine alcohol testing has one huge advantage over other tests – although it can’t determine how much a person has consumed, the alcohol pee test can use alcohol urine test strips to quickly detect traces of alcohol for up to 80 hours, much longer than it takes for alcohol to leave the bloodstream.

How Do Alcohol Tests Work?

As we discussed in the previous section, there are several ways to test for alcohol in a person’s system, with each of the tests bringing benefits that make them suitable for different situations.

The breathalyzer test works by measuring the alcohol that passes through the alveoli air sacs as its getting expelled through the breath.

The test is fairly accurate, and although it can be influenced by factors such as food consumption, body composition, or even environmental factors, its portability and ease of use make it a great choice if you need to see results quickly.

Blood tests are a bit more complicated and invasive, but they are even more accurate than a breathalyzer test, and thus work well when you need an accurate determination of blood alcohol levels. The only drawbacks are that it requires a laboratory, takes more time to process, and there’s a risk for the results to be skewed because of lab mix-ups.

Finally, the home alcohol urine test is different from the other two because it is the least reliable when determining blood alcohol levels, but in the case of the ETG test, can detect alcohol for days after it has left the body.

The ETG test can identify the ethyl glucuronide metabolite, which is a by-product of the liver processing alcohol. Its levels can remain detectable for up to 80 hours after alcohol was consumed, which makes this urine test an excellent option if you need to find out whether someone has been drinking in the last few days.

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