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About Us

About Us

Countrywide Testing is an online realtor of drug testing, alcohol testing devices and lab services located in San Diego, California. We are a part of Phamatech, Inc..

Phamatech, Inc. is an FDA registered company with an FDA approved manufacturing facility, meaning our manufacturing facility and our medical devices are held to the highest standards set by the United States Food and Drug Administration. 

Phamatech also is a laboratory that processes samples for drug testing, and we are certified by SAMHSA, CLIA, CAP, ISO and also have a California Clinical License. Only 27 laboratories in the world have a SAMHSA license, which allows you to process drug test samples from the government. 

We aim to be a simple and straightforward place for you to buy all your drug testing and alcohol testing supplies.

Affordable - Our test kits are the most affordable test in the market.

Convenient - You can administer your tests in the privacy of your home or office.

Wholesale Pricing - We provide wholesale pricing rates for our corporate customers

Made in the USA - All of our QuickScreen and ezHOME products are Made in the USA

Fast Shipping - We ship same day if you order before 3:00 PM Pacific Time

Currently, you can contact us by phone (469) 389-2120 or by emailing us at chelsea@countrywidetesting.com.

Why Shop At Countrywide Testing?

FDA Approved / Cleared Tests

Most of the tests we sell on our site are OTC or Professional Use FDA Cleared. Product information should contain the information about the specific product

Fast and Accurate

The Laboratory Test we provide are upto 99.9% accurate and are processed by a SAMHSA licensed lab; most other websites cannot guarantee that. Results available in minutes (for our instant test kits)

What are SAMHSA, CAP, CLIA and ISO?

This is a quick summary of what each of these certifications are.

SAMHSA- Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration

  • Only 27 SAMHSA licensed laboratories worldwide
  • Is the department of the federal government that regulates and certifies laboratories currently processing Department of Transportation (DOT) specimens
  • Is the highest standard available and ensures the most accurate processing
  • Labs are required to confirm all non-negative / positive employee drug screen samples by GC/MS testing
  • Can all test Non-DOT specimens
  • Sets guidelines for laboratory testing which all DOT programs must adhere to, including testing for the 9 drugs:THC, Opiates, Amphetamines, Cocaine, PCP, Hydrocodone, Hydromorphone, Oxycodone, and Oxymorphone
  • To remain certified, laboratories are required to meet quarterly performance quarterly proficiency testing and semi-annual inspections
  • Every 6 months compliance audits are performed by nationally recognized toxicology expert

CLIA- Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments

  • 254,000 CLIA licensed laboratories
  • Regulates laboratory testing and requires clinical laboratories to be certified by their state as well as the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) before they can accept human samples for diagnostic testing
  • The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Center for Medicaid Service (CMS) and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) are the federal agencies responsible for CLIA and each has a unique role in assuring quality laboratory testing

CAP- College of American Pathologists

  • Accredits the entire spectrum of laboratory test disciplines with the most scientifically rigorous customized checklist requirements
  • Ensures compliance through the guidance of comprehensive scientifically endorsed laboratory standards
  • Uses teams of practicing professionals qualified through a CAP training program to do peer-based inspections
  • On-site inspections occur every two years to assess compliance with program requirements
  • CAP accredits laboratories performing testing on specimens from human beings or animals, using methodologies and clinical application within the expertise of the program; laboratories must be appropriately licensed to perform testing when required by law

ISO- International Organization for the Standardization

  • Used worldwide
  • Demonstrates that the laboratory is technically competent and able to produce precise and accurate tests and/or calibration data
  • This includes: Traceability of measurements and calibrations to national standards, Technical competence of staff, Maintenance of test equipment, Quality Assurance of test and calibration data, Validity and appropriateness of test methods, Appropriate handling and transportation of test items, Quality of testing environments and sampling
  • Accredited laboratories are regularly re-assessed to check that they are maintaining their standard of technical expertise and are required to participate in regular proficiency testing programs as an ongoing demonstration of their competence


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