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Collection: 9 Panel Drug Tests

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What is a 9-Panel Drug Test?

The 9-panel drug test is one of the most comprehensive drug tests on the market, providing the ability to test for the five most commonly tested-for drugs like marijuana, opiates, cocaine, amphetamines, as well as Propoxyphene, quaaludes, and others.

Testing for a broader spectrum of drugs can provide you with a much more accurate screening and enable you to detect most of the commonly used drugs.

Drugs like propoxyphene aren’t identified using the standard 5-panel drug tests, even though they can be very addictive and dangerous, as they have several dangerous and potentially fatal interactions with other drugs and alcohol, so having that option can help ensure that the drug doesn’t fly under the radar.

After collecting the sample, you can get an accurate screening for the nine drugs in a matter of minutes, without the need for specialized laboratory, and without having to wait hours to get the results back.

The 9-panel urine drug test is 99% accurate, so you can trust that it will deliver you accurate results and will be able to distinguish between different drugs and detect their traces effectively.

What Does a 9-Panel Drug Test Test For?

As already mentioned in the previous section, the 9-panel drug test can detect nine of the most commonly found drugs that are addictive, dangerous, and can inhibit a person’s ability to function safely in a workplace.

But what does a 9-panel drug test for?

The 9-panel drug test list includes marijuana, opiates, cocaine, amphetamines, and PCP, which are part of the traditional 5-panel drug test, as well as benzodiazepines, barbiturates, Quaaludes, & Propoxyphene.

It can detect amphetamines and benzodiazepines for up to two days, opiates and oxycodone for up to three days, cocaine and methamphetamines for up to four days, marijuana for around five days, and others anywhere from six to fourteen days, depending on the drug.

This type of test works well for rehabilitation clinics that need to ensure that their patients are staying clean and following the rehab plan that was set out for them. Laboratory testing takes time and can be expensive, so having a quick and cost-effective way to screen for a range of common drugs is essential for drug rehabilitation clinics to function.

A 9-panel drug test can also be very useful in the workplace – companies have a responsibility to ensure that their employees don’t cause harm to themselves or others because of drug-related issues, and the 9-panel urine drug screen provides a simple and non-invasive way to perform tests without disrupting the daily workflow.

How does a 9-Panel Drug Test Work?

The nine-panel drug test uses cutting-edge immunoassay technology to provide accurate readings on all nine drugs that it tests for, and offers an easy-to-understand system of test strips that change color based on whether the test is positive or not.

The 9-panel drug screen is designed to be as simple as possible and won’t be difficult to use even for someone who has never taken a drug test before – the ergonomic grooved lid and 66% wider test strips ensure that both the collection of the sample and the reading of the results will not pose any challenges.

The 9-panel urine test is made in the United States, and over 2 million are sold each year – this proven track record ensures that the test results can be trusted.

Although there are some small variations and a possibility for a “no results” outcome, usually two stripes mean that a test is negative, and one stripe next to the control (C) region on the test indicates that it’s positive.

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