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1 Panel EtG Alcohol Dip Card - HETG-105c - MD 300 ng Cut-Off 1 Panel,Dip Cards Medical Dimension

1 Panel EtG Alcohol Dip Card - HETG-105c - MD 300 ng Cut-Off

  • - Cut-Off Level: 300 ng/mL Sensitive Cut-Off Level
  • - Detection Window: Up to 80 hours detection window period
  • - Easy to Use: To Use, just dip into Urine; no pipette required! One Line = Positive, 2 Lines (no matter how faint) = Negative
  • - Accurate: 99% Accurate
  • - For Forensic Use
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1 Panel EtG Alcohol Dip Card - HETG-105c - MD 300 ng Cut-Off

The EtG Alcohol Urine Test Kit provides laboratory-level accuracy almost instantly; with an 80 hour detection period, it's also a great tool for anywhere that has a zero tolerance alcohol policy.

While breath alcohol tests + saliva alcohol tests can give you the convenience of being able to be performed anywhere and being able to detect alcohol usage immediately, the EtG instant alcohol urine test gives the advantage of long-term detection and accuracy.

How long can you detect alcohol with this test? Alcohol is rapidly eliminated from the body (on average about one drink/hour for most people), so when you are looking for alcohol in breath, blood, saliva or urine, the rapid elimination of alcohol limits the detection window to a matter of hours with most other instant tests. However, this EtG test is different since Ethyl Glucuronide (EtG) was found to be a direct metabolite of alcohol (ethanol). EtG has emerged as the new marker of choice for alcohol for longer detection window tests. Other types of alcohol, such as stearyl, acetyl and dodecanol, metabolizes differently and will not cause a positive result on an EtG test.

EtG is stable in urine for more than 4 days at room temperature. Recent experiments indicate that heat does not cause the breakdown of EtG; on the contrary, it actually increases stability. In addition, no artificial formation of EtG was found to occur following the prolonged storage of urine at room temperature fortified with 1% ethanol.

Studies indicate that alcoholics in abstinence have no detectable levels of EtG in their urine after approximately 80 hours of detoxification.

This dip card detects the presence of Ethyl Glucuronide, which is a metabolite of ethanol alcohol (the alcohol found in alcoholic beverages). The presence of EtG in urine means the person has consumed alcohol within the past few days. It can be detected in urine even after the ethanol alcohol itself is no longer measurable.

Traditional methods of alcohol testing (like breathalyzers) measure the amount of ethanol alcohol itself in the body. Using this method only detects alcohol consumption for several hours. However, because this test kit detects the substance that the body produces as it metabolizes the alcohol, EtG testing is able to detect consumption for a much longer period, typically up to 80 hours.
The ETG Test Dip Card yields a positive result when the Ethyl Glucuronide in urine exceeds 300ng/mL.

Test Calibrator     Cut-off (ng/mL)    
Ethyl Glucuronide     Ethyl Glucuronide     300    
For Forensic Use

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1 Panel EtG Alcohol Dip Card - HETG-105c - MD




Fast shipping and they are accurate


1 Panel EtG Alcohol Dip Card - HETG-105c - MD