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1 Panel QuickScreen Cotinine / Nicotine Test Dipcard - (COT200) DCT-114

1 Panel QuickScreen Cotinine / Nicotine Test Dipcard - (COT200) DCT-114-Countrywide Testing
1 Panel QuickScreen Cotinine / Nicotine Test Dipcard - (COT200) DCT-114-Countrywide Testing
1 Panel QuickScreen Cotinine / Nicotine Test Dipcard - (COT200) DCT-114-Countrywide Testing
1 Panel QuickScreen Cotinine / Nicotine Test Dipcard - (COT200) DCT-114-Countrywide Testing
1 Panel QuickScreen Cotinine / Nicotine Test Dipcard - (COT200) DCT-114-Countrywide Testing
1 Panel QuickScreen Cotinine / Nicotine Test Dipcard - (COT200) DCT-114-Countrywide Testing
1 Panel QuickScreen Cotinine / Nicotine Test Dipcard - (COT200) DCT-114-Countrywide Testing
1 Panel QuickScreen Cotinine / Nicotine Test Dipcard - (COT200) DCT-114-Countrywide Testing

1 Panel QuickScreen Cotinine / Nicotine Test Dipcard - (COT200) DCT-114

  • - Cut-Off Level: 200 ng/mL Sensitive Cut-Off Level
  • - Detection Window: Up to 10 Days detection window period
  • - Easy to Use: To use, just dip into Urine; no pipette required! One Line = Positive, 2 Lines (no matter how faint) = Negative
  • - 99% Accurate
  • - For Forensic Use
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1 Panel QuickScreen Cotinine / Nicotine Test Dipcard - (COT200) DCT-114

The QuickScreen Single Panel Drug Test Dip Card is a fast, easy to use and easy to read drug test. Results will appear in 1-5 minutes after the sample has been collected.

Easy to Use / Instructions

Cut-Off Levels and Detection Period

The QuickScreen Single Panel Drug Test Dip Card for Cotinine/Nicotine tests for the following drug at the following detection period and cut-off level

Drug Detection Period  Cut-Off Level
Cotinine / Nicotine (COT) 1-10 Days 200 ng/mL


How to Read Results

Who Orders a Nicotine Test and Why?


There are several different reasons why a person may be required to undergo nicotine testing. Some of the most common include:


  • Admittance into smoking cessation programs
  • Required screening for life or health insurance coverage
  • Procedural testing prior to certain surgeries or healthcare services
  • If your physician is concerned you may be experiencing symptoms of a nicotine overdose or nicotine poisoning
  • Pre-employment testing
  • During child custody deliberations to determine if a parent is likely to expose their child(ren) to second-hand smoke


Nicotine drug tests are capable of not just whether an individual has smoked, chewed, or ingested nicotine, but also how much nicotine is present in the system. This is especially important for those who are attempting to quit smoking, as physicians can monitor how much a patient has cut back and recommend the appropriate cessation products for their phase of the elimination process.


How do Tobacco Tests Work?


Nicotine tests, also known as cotinine tests, can be completed using blood, urine, hair, or saliva samples. These tests work by detecting the chemical compound (nicotine) in the body. When nicotine enters the body, it is processed by the liver, which metabolizes the nicotine into cotinine metabolites. The lungs also metabolized by the lungs, which turn the chemical compound into cotinine and nicotine oxide. 


How Long Does Nicotine Stay in Your System?


Below is a guide to how long nicotine can be detected using various screening methods:


  • Urine nicotine tests = Up to four (4) days
    • Blood nicotine tests = Up to ten (10) days
    • Saliva nicotine tests = Up to four (4) days
    • Hair follicle nicotine tests = Up to three (3) months


    As you can see, screening nicotine in urine and saliva is more suitable for immediate situations where physicians or other test administrators want to know how much nicotine is currently present in the individual’s body.


    Cotinine urine tests and saliva tests are not ideal for test administrators who want to gain an in-depth understanding of a person’s nicotine use over an extended period of time, however.


    In these situations, it is recommended that those testing for nicotine opt for hair follicle screens rather than saliva or nicotine urine tests.


    Why Choose Countrywide Testing


    Countrywide Testing uses the same drug testing kits trusted by police departments, government agencies, and Fortune 500 companies across the country. Whether you are a candidate for employment, a concerned parent, facing a nicotine test at work, or interested in investigating your health, our easy 3-step process will precisely detect the presence of cotinine (nicotine) and it’s metabolites in your system. Simply fill the cup with your sample, insert the testing dip card into the container before removing and laying on a flat surface, and check your results in 5 minutes.


    We also have one of the most extensive selections of urine cotinine tests available on the internet today. All of our nicotine tests are 99 percent accurate, providing our customers with unmatched peace of mind.


    Place your order today to take advantage of our free shipping rate.


    Plus, we make shopping for drug tests completely hassle-free by offering returns on all orders over $75, and providing a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE for up to 60 days after purchase.

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