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Which Test is Right for You?

Whether you are looking for the immediate gratification and peace of mind provided by an instant at-home drug test, or the detailed insight that can only be achieved through comprehensive laboratory testing, Countrywide Testing is equipped to satisfy all your testing needs. Test with confidence knowing our range of products is trusted by government agencies, police departments, and Fortune 500 companies nationwide.


Which of our products is right for you?

Instant Drug Tests

If you are a concerned parent, a physician, the manager of a job site, or are engaged in the noble work of drug rehabilitation, there are many instances in which the instantaneous answers of an at-home drug test provide tremendous value in identifying the recent or habitual use of drugs. With Countrywide Testing’s line of Instant Drug Tests, you can immediately check either saliva or urine for the recent use of narcotics. Our Instant Saliva Tests can detect if drugs have been taken in the past 2-3 days, and can be easily administered on the spot. For deeper insight, our Instant Urine Tests can detect drug use up to 30 days before administering the test, depending on the drug. 

Our affordable line of Instant Drug Tests provide confidential results in minutes and our instant urine test provides results that are as reliable as laboratory tests. Please note, Instant Drug Tests are not accepted by the court system or the Department of Transportation, and are primarily for personal use.  

Laboratory Drug Tests

If you are a law-enforcement professional, a parent in search of answers, an employer, a candidate for employment, or require a court-approved drug testing product that will provide accurate results, our line of Standard and Zero Tolerance Laboratory Tests provide comprehensive results you can trust.

Our Standard Laboratory Test provides 100% accurate results, allowing for the testing and identification of a wide array of narcotics, including marijuana, cocaine, opiates, and more. These tests allow for sample re-confirmation by independent labs and if the proper chain of custody is followed, are accepted by the court system. 

Our Zero Tolerance Laboratory Test provides all these benefits of the laboratory tests (sample re-confirmation by independent labs, and accepted by the court system if the chain of custody is followed) with the extra advantage of providing 100% accuracy on both positive and negative tests. The Zero Tolerance Laboratory Test also provides an in-depth look at individual drug and metabolites levels of a person’s system.


No matter your needs, Countrywide Testing is proud to provide the latest in drug testing technology, so you can test with confidence and faster than ever before. We are also available to discuss and cater to your unique needs by contacting us at (469) 389-2120 or via email at