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How Lab Drug Testing Works

Drug testing is utilized in a wide range of scenarios. From workplace testing that allows employers to know if drugs or alcohol was a contributing factor to an on-the-job accident, to tests that help the law determine if an offender is meeting the terms of their parole, and emergency tests administered by healthcare professionals to determine if a patient is experiencing adverse effects to a particular substance.

Whatever the situation may be, drug screen tests provide quick, conclusive answers about an individual’s drug usage when they are needed most.

At Countrywide Testing, we know that our clients rely on us to provide the best testing products and services available on the market today. That’s why we offer government certified products and laboratory testing services that are so advanced and effective, police departments, government agencies, and Fortune 500 companies across the country trust us with their diagnostic needs.

What is drug testing used for?

In addition to the scenarios mentioned above, drug screens are often used for the following reasons:

  • To determine if a family member or loved one has been abusing drugs or alcohol
  • To determine if patients participating in a drug or alcohol recovery program are maintaining their sobriety
  • To determine if athletes are adhering to the drug and alcohol policies set forth by the organization they are competing under
  • To determine if drugs or alcohol were a contributing factor in relation to a crime
  • By educational facilities who want to prevent students from participating in illicit drug use

Why do I need a drug testing?

There are countless reasons a person might require a laboratory drug test. The most compelling reason is that laboratory drug testing is considered the standard for employee screening, making it the most legally sound method of determining if an employee is breaking company policies.

Some other reasons to invest in lab drug tests include:

  • Laboratory drug tests utilize advanced technology to eliminate the possibility of false negatives and false positives
  • 70 percent of illicit drug users in the United States are employed
  • 85 percent of drug abusers relapse within the first year of recovery
  • Seven in 10 Americans have used either opiates, amphetamines or cocaine while on the job.
  • 31 percent of drug-tested employees have used detox drinks to pass a urine test.

A lab drug test is the most reliable way to combat cheating methods and ensure that you are receiving definitive results that meet or exceed the highest standards set by the United States Food and Drug Administration.

What happens during a laboratory drug test?

Lab drug testing begins by having the patient supply a DNA sample.

This can be achieved using several different methods, including:

  1. Urine

Urine samples are provided by having the patient place a collection cup beneath the urine stream. Each urine test requires 30 mL of liquid, or approximately two tablespoons. The collection cup will have a line indicator to demonstrate the appropriate amount. After the patient has collected the appropriate amount, they reseal the container and return it to the lab technician or healthcare provider.

  1. Saliva

To perform a saliva drug screen, an administrator will place a clean swap (which resembles a large Q-tip) into the oral cavity and dab the gums to collect the sample. The swab is then placed in a sealed collection tube and sent for laboratory testing. This entire process typically takes less than five minutes.

  1. Hair Follicle

During a hair follicle test, an administrator will cut approximately 100 hairs from the back of the head, where it is less likely to be noticeable. If the individual being tested is bald, body hair can be used as an alternative. The collected hairs are then placed in a sealed collection tube and sent for laboratory testing.

  1. Blood

Blood-based drug testing is the most accurate form of screening and provides nearly irrefutable results. Unfortunately, however, it is also the most expensive method. This type of test is completed by extracting a blood sample from the vein of an individual. These tests must be performed by a medical professional, and are virtually impossible to deceive.

Why Trust Countrywide Testing?

Countrywide Testing provides you with access to FDA approved testing devices, as well as access to our parent company, Phamatech, Inc.— a SAMHSA, ISO, CLIA, and CAP licensed laboratory. Phamatech, Inc. is one of 27 laboratories worldwide to be accredited as a SAMHSA facility.

In addition to being an industry leader in the field of toxicology, we are also passionate professionals who are dedicated to providing our clients with the most advanced, effective drug test solutions available.

Some of the value-adding services we provide include:

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  • Qualitative & quantitative urine drug testing.
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