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Pregnancy Strips - 9010

Pregnancy Strips - 9010-Countrywide Testing
Pregnancy Strips - 9010-Countrywide Testing

Pregnancy Strips - 9010

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Pregnancy Strips - 9010


  1. The QuickStick Home Pregnancy Test can be performed at any time of the day; however, testing first morning urine is preferable.
  2. Urinate into a clean, dry cup or container.
  3. Remove the test device from the foil wrapper by tearing at the "notch". Verify that the test device is within its expiration dating
  4. Insert the sample end of the dipstick into the urine specimen no deeper than the maximum level indicated by the line on the label.
  5. Within 5 minutes a colored band will appear at the top of the test area to show that the tes\t in complete.
  6. Read test results immediately at 5 minutes. Results read after 15 minutes have elapsed should be considered invalid.


While you are waiting for your result, you may notice a colored solution moving across the test strip. This is normal. You need to wait 5 minutes to confirm the result. The test should not be evaluated after 15 minutes.

1 Line = Not Pregnant

The presence of only one (C) rose-pink colored band within the test area means that you are not likely to be pregnant.

2 Lines = Pregnant

The presence of two color (C and t) bands within the test area means that you are likely to be pregnant and should consult your physician.

Invalid Result

After performing the test (5 minutes) and no rose-pink color band is visible within the test area, this result is considered invalid. The directions may not have been followed correctly or the test may have deteriorated. YOu have to repeat the test using a new QuickStick test.


A positive result (2 Lines) indicates that your urine contains hCG (human Chorionic Gonadotropin) and you can assume you are pregnant. You should consult your doctor who is best able to further advise you on proper prenatal care. If you are taking medication, telephone him or her immediately and make sure it is safe for your baby.

A negative result (1 Line in Control ) means that no hCG has been detected and you can assume you are not pregnant. If a week passes and your menstrual period is still delayed, you should do another QuickStick Home Pregnancy Test. If the result is still negative in the later test, there is little chance that you are pregnant. However, because there could be health-related reasons why you are not menstruating, you should see your doctor without delay.

If your menstrual cycle is irregular, it can be difficult to know the day you have missed your period. If your test indicated you are not pregnant and you menstrual cycle does not begin within a few days, you may have miscalculated your cycle and should use a second QuickStick Home Pregnancy Test.


The test works only if the instructions are followed precisely. Although the test is highly accurate in detecting pregnancy, a low incidence of false results can occur. Check with your doctor if you get unexpected or inconsistent test results. Certain health conditions can also cause a false or irregular test result. The following factors should not affect the test results: alcohol, analgestics (pain killers), antibiotics, and birth control pills. The test should not be used after the expiration date shown on the package. The QuickStick Home Pregnancy Test Strips is greater than 99% accurate.

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