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atHome Steroid Abuse Urine Test Kit - 9125 - 1007-STR-01

atHome Steroid Abuse Urine Test Kit - 9125 - 1007-STR-01-Countrywide Testing

atHome Steroid Abuse Urine Test Kit - 9125 - 1007-STR-01

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atHome Steroid Abuse Urine Test Kit - 9125 - 1007-STR-01

at Home Steroid Abuse Urine Test Kit. Steroid Test mail-in laboratory service to identify the following steroids in urine Testosterone, Noretiochola, Oxymetholone, Dehydroepindrosterone, Nortestosterone, Hydroxyandrosterone, Methandienone, Norandeosterone, Hydroxyetiocholanolone, Epitestosterone, Stanazolol, Testing by Phamatech Laboratories. Kit contains one of each of the following collection instructions: Collection cup, Labeled sample vial, Transport pouch, Pre-paid mailer box. This Kit is a Mail-in Laboratory Service to Identify Steroids in Urine. Collect urine sample in the sample collection cup. Transfer urine into the labeled sample vial. Place labeled vial in the plastic bag and seal. Send sample to your labs in the postage paid mailer. In 5 to 7 days call our lab for test results. Your sample will be analyzed by the latest, most advanced gas chomatography/mass spectrometry equipment. You will be provided with the identity and quantity of any and all of the steroids recognized by this kit. Test results are 99% accurate and 100% confidential. This test will identify the 11 most commonly abused steroids if they are present in the test sample. This test will quantify the actual concentration of any steroid found to be present in the test sample. Severe long-term negative health consequences of both a physical and psychological nature are known to occur from steroid abuse:Heart attack, high blood pressure and stroke. Kidney failure,Liver tumors and cancers,Less severe side effects include:Acne, Jaundice (yellowish skin tone),Infertility ( in men), Growth of facial hair (in women),Aggressiveness and mood swings. Did you know that steroids can be purchased on the street? Yes, manufactured in back room "labs", prepared by unknown and unreliable sources these black market medications are derived from questionable materials with unknown purity.
About the product
  • The atHome Steroid Test is the first accurate and affordable diagnostic anabolic steroid
  • The test is convenient and easy to use
  • A urine specimen is collected in a provided collection device and returned to the laboratory using a mailing carton
  • Shipping to you is free, but shipping back is currently not free

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