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FAQs About Zero Tolerance SAMHSA Seven Confirmation Lab Test

Q: What drugs does the “Zero Tolerance SAMHSA Seven” test for?

A: Our Zero Tolerance SAMHSA 7 urine test tests for amphetamines (amphetamine, methamphetamine), THC (marijuana), cocaine, opiates (codeine, morphine, PCP, heroin (6-MAM), ecstasy (MDMA, MDA), hydrocodone (Vicodin/Dilaudid), and oxycodone (OxyContin). These are SAMHSA (The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) mandated drugs and compounds that certain workplaces must test for.


Q:  I would like testing services for my organization, do you provide bulk orders? 

A:  We do! Please don’t hesitate to give our customer service team a call at (469) 389-2120 and we can discuss how to best meet your needs.



Q:  Will my results remain anonymous?

A:  Yes. We use a PIN (personal identification number) to reference and retrieve your results. We are committed to providing a safe and discreet method to test for the presence of any drug(s).



Q:  What are the screening cutoff levels?

A:  Simply put: there are none. We call our SAMHSA 7 test “Zero Tolerance” because it has no minimum cutoff.  Our test will provide an exact concentration of amphetamines, marijuana, cocaine, opiates, PCP, heroin, ecstasy, hydrocodone, and oxycodone in your sample, from 0ng/ml and up.



Q:  Why doesn’t this test give me a simple positive or negative?

A:  We believe in providing our customers with the most information possible regarding their sample.  Our test goes beyond a mere positive or negative to give users an accurate view into their own health by precisely identifying the amount of each substance present in their sample.



Q:  Will CBD oil provide a positive result on a drug test?

A:  CBD oil on its own will not, however, it has been our experience that virtually all commercially available CBD oil contains at least some levels of THC.  It is incumbent upon CBD users to research the contents of their CBD oils.



Q: Will my over-the-counter cold medications provide a positive result on a drug test?

A: If your cold medication contains codeine, it is possible that a Zero Tolerance test could find an amount of codeine, which is an opiate, in your system. Likewise, if your cold medication contains pseudoephedrine, a substance similar to amphetamines, a Zero Tolerance test could find an amount of amphetamine in your system. Some other OTC and prescription medications have similar compounds within them to the 7 compounds this test checks for. It is important that you research any medication before taking it.



Q:  How accurate are the results?

A:  Our test shows the exact levels of each substance present in your sample.  Our laboratory confirmation test is one of the most reliable methods of drug testing, utilizing state-of-the-art analytical equipment to provide results you can trust.



Q:  I have a drug test coming up at work; how do I know if I will test positive or negative based on the results of this test?

A:  This test is manufactured based on SAMHSA’s recommended drugs of abuse to test for, and as it is zero tolerance test, there is no set standard cut off point. Different organizations may set their own cut-off points. The only way to guarantee a negative result is to get the levels of any substance in your system down to zero. 



Q:  It has been a few days since I tested, how will I know if my results are ready?

A:  Make sure to provide your email address and sign up for notifications when registering your test. We will automatically notify you when your results are ready to view (generally 2-6 days after receiving your sample at our lab).